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                              Victims Of Masonic Ill-Treatment 14 August 1999

Anyone criticised or maligned in these publications has a guaranteed right of reply. JMF or P2 Lodge UK stands for the hierarchies of the Judaeo/Masonic Faction. The ordinary Mason and Jew are as likely to suffer from the machinations of the JMF as non-Masons and non-Jews are.

                                 LEGAL SERVICES OMBUDSMAN SUED

The LSO for Scotland, Garry Watson, is being sued by Peter Cherbi from Jedburgh, Watson has had to apologise for delays of up to a year before he can look into cases. That is a sure sign that whatever he is doing is not deterring crooked solicitors either within the Law Society of Scotland or in practice. Mr Cherbi was left 300,000 pounds by his father in 1990. His solicitor, Andrew Penman, handled the assets which had no value after 4 years. Never let a solicitor, a bank or any financial institution know about your assets and don’t give them any say in your financial dealings. The money has gone and will never be recovered. There will be public unrest if Blair does not clean up his act. Blair is the man ultimately responsible for the chaos in the legal system but is too busy flexing his muscles on the world stage to see the dangers which lie ahead at home.

In England the Law Society lets the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors deal with complaints against bent solicitors. The OSS Director, Peter Ross, has just been suspended because he told a complainer that he was refusing to take complaints for one year. Yet recently two bastard females in the OSS insisted that they were able to bring our case forward. One of them telephoned and rejected our complaint against C T Wilson, Westminster City Council Solicitor, because he did not represent us. Ann Abraham, the LSO, then backed the two cows up and lied. All Ombudsmen are the same. We would hang Abraham up by the heels in Trafalgar square and beat her twisted head with wooden staves. Never trust the bloody Ombudsmen for you'll be sorry if you do. Never never trust the Ombudsmen for they will make a monkey out of you.


We publish part of this poem by an Irish patriot not on account of the form but on account of the depth of feeling. The English will never understand why the Scots still hate the English Redcoats. They think they can reconcile the irreconcilable in Ulster. The Orangemen will never surrender and the Irish Nationalists will never give up the fight for independence and a united Ireland. More honest men than Blair or Aherne can resolve the problem.


1 Prisoner of war, what deeds have you done?

The greatest imaginable but now you are gone.
They locked you away, you've got life in prison

Comrades have fallen but you have risen.
3 NO way! You never started the fight!!

You were born a victim of the Irish plight.
You gave up your family, friends and life

You devoted yourself to THE armed strife.
5 Politicians have failed us once again

Our people are murdered by Orangemen.
"Peace" is further away than they know,

Their bribed existence, yet another blow!
6 Oh prisoner of war, if you soon become free

Will you go back and fight for Ireland and me?
You are my hero, I admire you so…

You must protect us from this ancient foe!
Ireland Forever… Siobhán Hairston (29July99) EMAIL Kelticueen@aol.com


### The woman Chief Constable of Dorset, Jane Stitchbury, (STITCHUPEVERYBODY) had a nice big piece in the Dorset Echo on 13 May "Together we'll crack the crime". On 26 July the local rag waxed lyrical again "New Police Chief in Vow to Step Up Fight on Crime". Strange that because the crack is that Masonic corruption still rules in every area of public service in Dorset and there is a free flow of crack cocaine into the coves of Dorset.. Stichbury got the job because the public had lost confidence in her crawl-away predecessor Aldous and his deputy May who had been bathing in the Masonic cesspool in Dorset. Aldous had been moaning that he could not get recruits to police Dorset on account of shortage of funds. Yet after their resignations were announced both runaways were awarded a 30% increase in salary amounting to around 30,000 pounds. The Audit Commission and Deloitte Touche would be consulted about that squandering of public funds. They shared the same cesspool with the National Audit Office.

The two deserting rats made a major mistake in facilitating the theft of Gerald Coulter's car. That focus of discontent attracted several other victims of police Masonic corruption. The reader is referred to the police frame-ups of teacher Barry Hunt and their failure to deal properly with complaints lodged by Mr Coulter, Mr Hunt, Mr David Husband, Mr & Mrs Masefield, Lomond Handley and Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Stitchbury is protecting her errant former officers and the Secretary of the Police Authority, Peter Harvey. These people must be prosecuted for misconduct in public office along with Stichbury if she does not pull her finger out. The public has had enough of police corruption without being subjected to more by too clever by half Stichbury.

Lomond Handley is a lady with some backbone and moral fibre. She was a Dorset County Councillor who attracted the wrath of the police by asking too many questions. Police arrested her at a public meeting with the sole intention to preventing the questions. She was released without charge when the meeting was over. She points out that there is a victim support scheme but that it does not cover victims of those holding public office. She is starting a group for victims of institutionalised crime. Unhappily she is going to name the organisation "Victims First". We would suggest "Victims of Public Services" or "Victims of Masonic Ill Treatment". VOMIT would probably give her some space. Ms Lomond Handley, lives at 16 Evering Avenue, POOLE, Dorset BH12 4JQ. Telephone 01202 738982 ###

Comment: We have not criticised Gerald Coulter's solicitors. It was always our understanding that when police located stolen property they seized it and returned it to its owner. We ask why Mr Coulter, having paid his solicitors about 60,000 pounds, has nothing to show for his outlay but a bill for costs from Dorset police. We believe that the best solicitors we ever had were the ones who refused to represent us. This does not mean that Mr Coulter's solicitors are bent or incompetent. What we do know is that solicitor David Dolton, who allegedly committed suicide, admitted that he had defrauded the Legal Aid Board and thereby caused Mr Coulter loss. Professional etiquette does not stop Dolton's firm being sued. There is not the slightest doubt that the police were wholly responsible for Mr Coulter not being able to recover his car immediately its whereabouts was established. The car receiver of stolen property had a brother who was a senior officer in Dorset Police and who was also a Mason. That policeman, whichever way you look at it, has caused one death, two premature retirements and a great deal of hardship. Something must be done about Counsel Tomlinson who abandoned Mr Coulter in court because Mr Coulter would not swear a false affidavit.

We wonder why the insurers did not pay out against the loss of the car. They would of course do their usual when Freemasonry is involved. They would have said the same as the police "It is a matter for the civil courts". Insurance is another stinking racket managed by the Scriven mafia and underwritten by Lloyd's, the shysters.


As it contains the details of 100 more murders by the RUC than the hardcover; be sure to get the paperback version of McPhilemy's; "The Committee: Political Assassination in Northern Ireland."
It is now the No. 2 best-seller into the UK from America's (and the world's) biggest bookseller; (www.amazon.com) while the hardcover is No. 18.
(When you get <
http://www.amazon.com> on your screen type in the name of the book you want. When the book shows on your screen you can scroll down for all information on it. It is now corroborated by many; including ex-RUC
Keep up the Good Fight; Chris Fogarty email

Note the latest on the Bloody Sunday massacre. The judge who decided to grant the murderers anonymity was none other than Lord Woolf, Master of the Rolls and former army captain. As with legover Lennie Hoffman in the Pinochet case Woolf should have stood himself down from the case. Some would say he and all his kind should hang themselves up by the gonads from the tallest tree until they sing falsetto.


Letter dared 11 August 1999 from Leeds City Councillor Amanda Carter, 15 Clarke Street, Calverley, Pudsey LS28 5NH (Phone 0113 256 0701) to Superintendent Frank Farmer, Chapel Allerton Police Station, Stainbeck Lane, Chapel Allerton.

### Dear Superintendent Farmer, Re Mr Norman Scarth, 59 Gledhow Park Grove, Chapel Allerton

I have had a complaint from Mr Norman Scarth of the above address regarding an incident that took place on Sunday 9 August 1999.

Mr Scarth is an elderly gentleman who gave up his home and came to live with his friend who had terminal cancer and indeed died a few days ago.

Mr Scarth told me that his friend's nephew made an appointment to see him on Sunday but arrived earlier than expected. Mr Scarth refused him entry as he had been warned by relatives that this man could be difficult and therefore wished to have someone present with him when he arrived. Consequently he was refused entry and asked to come back at the appointed time. This he did not do but arrived back 3 hours later with SIX policemen (one in riot gear) threatening to batter the door down if it was not opened. It beggars belief that this can happen in an area like Chapel Allerton, where police must surely be stretched, dealing with real criminals In my own ward a wayward youth was waving an airgun at cars on Woodhall Road and later fired the gun into the house of the local off licence owner and threatened him. The police did not turn up for a week. Surely this cannot be right?

I have known Mr Scarth from being a child. He was a farmer and bred racehorses for my father until he retired. He is an honest, decent, kind and gentle man. I find it quite appalling that he has been treated in this way.

Clearly he is very distressed by this whole incident and given his age and the recent shock of losing the friend it could have serious health implications for him.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely, Cllr. Amanda Carter. ###

Comment: The police behaviour was much worse and more prolonged than reported. This was the lot who barricaded themselves inside Chapelton Police Station during the Chapelton riots. They would not answer even emergency calls. Mr Scarth won a human rights case against the UK government. In Lord Woolf's (The Master of the Rolls) court Mr Scarth stated that he despised judges and that judges are shysters. Mr Scarth is a decorated war veteran from the Murmansk convoy runs. He is unhappily far too independent. He has had a nasty letter from a firm of solicitors but does not identify the solicitors to enable us to expose them. As far as we know he has never pointed a finger at Freemasonry when it is obvious that he is the victim of an organisation whatever name he gives it. Even the police don't pick on a 74 year-old war veteran unless they are working to a wider plan. We had the same heavy-handed police presence last summer when the drug operation was about to restart in Chalfont St Giles.


Following our reports about the corruption in Reading, policed also by Thames Valley Police, a Reading lady has contacted us but wishes to remain anonymous. She tells how Reading Borough Council funded the YMCA and how 4 million pounds disappeared amidst allegations of fraud. Masonic again! And guess what! Malcolm Gardner, head of the council's anti-fraud squad resigned because he was unhappy about the way his superiors were handling the case. The police and the council found that the YMCA was not deliberately fiddling the books. It had not been doing its accounts as effectively as it should. The next time you catch a burglar the defence will be that your premises were not as burglar proof as they should have been and the courts will give you a Butler Sloss sentence..

The lady reported Reading Legal Aid fraud to the Lord Chancellor in 1997. He will say that there cannot be Legal Aid fraud because the money goes to solicitors who submit authentic bills. That is how the system works. The lady also wrote to Geof Hoon, MP, Cardinal Irvine's friend. She got no change out of Hoon. You will recall that Hoon's wife, used her maiden name as the landlord of his constituency office, and wrote to him "Dear Mr Hoon, I regret that I have to increase your rent so that we can have more exotic holidays at public expense. Yours faithfully, Ama Greedibitch" Our reporter was referred to the Ombudsman which she states is "no recourse for one who believes the Ombuds-sham system is not truly independent and is primed to malfunction when convenient". This lady also has the following to say about the National Health Service (NHS). "The displays of incompetence , deceit, obstruction and irresponsibility made it increasingly clear that the Health Authorities at all levels were governed by the masonry of self interest ". The lady got another report from Health Ombudsman Sir Alan Marre. Her MP presented the complaint. It was the same old story. Marre praised the health authority and ignored the complaints against it. We have said it before and we say it again. The NHS is rotten at the top. Philip Raby Walbaum, a South Arfican surgeon, attempted to commit murder in an Edinburgh hospital in 1961/62. Half a dozen other doctors from Bangour General Hospital were involved before and after the event. Masons kill!


Two days before the government's senior law officer, Charles Morris, either resigned or was pushed, he had a writ served on Mr Scriven (Fax 0162 428 1159) expressing his intention to have Mr Scriven committed to prison for contempt of court. See last week's issue. Mr Scriven has responded with a writ seeking to have the case transferred to the Central Criminal Court, the Old Bailey, London for a jury trial in the public interest to combat high treason and organised Judicial Mafia crime against the Crown for Judicial pecuniary gain.

While not doubting the truth of Mr Scriven's allegations and the merits of his case we take issue with him over his use of language. All judges and Mr Scriven act for pecuniary gain. Even we are not disinterested in pecuniary gain. This suggestion that judges should have no human failings is counter productive. Judges actually defecate (especially on litigants in person). "Mafia" is another word that should not be used when we have the perfectly good word "Masonry". Joe Public is not aware that a mafia is now taken to mean "a body that exercises hidden influence". Our apologies to Mr Scriven for this criticism! He started by respecting the whole legal set up and even paid Carter-Ruck, solicitors to the Privy Council. He has been betrayed repeatedly and has become angrier and angrier not only on account of his own mistreatment but on account of the many tragic cases which have been brought to his attention. Geoffret Scriven listens and cares. Blair doesn't listen and cares only for himself. There will be civil unrest!

MAURICE KELLETT Phone 0191 526 4555 Email dannyboy@radioray.screaming.net

Mr Kellett has got himself bogged down in the Protocols of Zion, the Illuminati and other nonsense. He has fallen into the Masonic trap while the police and his solicitors are having sleepless nights lest they let Mr Kellett down. The police enquiries are not moving as fast as they should because they have been concentrating on the eclipse and wondering how Newcastle United will perform without Alan Shearer. It is not true to say that we have black listed his solicitors (David Hughes of Harding Swinburne Jackson & Co - Fax 0191 883 4554) in spite of all the unusual events surrounding their involvement. The Official Receiver (B J Inglis of Stockton Fax 01642 618644) is aware of the fraud investigations. If he moves forward he is guilty of misprision of felony. The policeman involved is a very good friend of Mr Kellett. The cop believes in the old Masonic dictum "Always take a man by the hand before you stick a knife into his back". Mr Kellett should keep his powder dry and his Alsatians hungry.

AL BARON Email A_Baron@abaron.demon.co.uk See alt.freemasonry, uk.legal, uk.gov.local
'UK faces cocaine epidemic' - front page of UK Observer of Sunday 8 August 1999.

This is what happens when our politicians (the beggars on horseback) get greedy. The UK has been allowing cocaine into the country for years. Now the bottom has fallen out of the market. Keep an eye on Hellmann International Forwarders to see how its shares go. Will Blair spend any more Christmases in the Seychelles?


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