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                          Victims Of Masonic Ill-Treatment 17 July 1999

Anyone criticised or maligned in these publications has a guaranteed right of reply. JMF or P2 Lodge UK stands for the hierarchies of the Judaeo/Masonic Faction. The ordinary Mason and Jew are as likely to suffer from the machinations of the JMF as non-Masons and non-Jews are.


The Right to be Naked in Public Group is holding a demonstration on the steps of the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, London, at 2 p.m. on Wednesday 28 July. We will not be attending. Our apologies are tendered for the disappointment this will cause our lady admirers. Peter Mandelson, Nick Brown, Chris Smith, Ron Davies may watch the demonstration with Lord and Lady Puttnam and others of their ilk.


We wrote a short letter to Mr Dryden at H M Prison, Durham. After much cajoling we managed to get 6 members for the One Nation Anti Mason Party. Many of the victims of our authorities now realise that our legal system is organised crime both within the courts and outside the courts. Surely we must fight fire with fire. We can do so and still not break the law. Instinctively our hearts and minds should applaud Albert Dryden's attitude if not his method. We firmly believe that we require a One Nation Anti Mason Party and a figurehead like Albert Dryden. You can call us a vulgar, foul-mouthed extremist anarchist. That will look after your conscience but it will not get you out of the holes you are in. How about sending Albert a short letter? Every time you take a step you shake the world.

We have just learned that Albert Dryden has been moved to another prison. We are grateful to our anonymous caller for the following information.

Date: 04 July 1999 20:23 Subject: ALBERT DRYDEN

### I've just seen my friend today. Apparently Albert is now in HM Prison Garth, C Wing, UlLNES WALTON LANE, LEYLAND, Lancs. PR5 3NE, having been moved there from Durham's Franklin prison (not Durham - but still cat A prisoners/IRA). His solicitor managed to get hold of prison reports on Albert. Some reports described him as the most dangerous man there. His solicitor was able to rubbish the reports and had him transferred to category B, HMP Garth.

I am informed that in the 9 years he has spent inside he has suffered two heart attacks. My friend says that he is a shadow of his former self, considering that he was at one time a winner of the "Mr Consett" competition. As to a release date, Albert's lack of "repentance" may well see him die in prison.


I don't know how much you know about the incident, or shall I say media circus. After shooting Collinson, Albert shot at the now rapidly departing posse, hitting a reporter in the arm and a PC in the buttock. Not widely known is that Albert fired a further 70 or so shots wrecking several TV company vehicles, reporters' cars and the earthmover despatched to knock his house down. On a humorous note the PC wounded in the buttock had to be transferred from his post in Consett to nearby Stanley because of taunts of "two arseholes" from local school children.

I don't know how many people would have acted differently in the same situation. Collinson orchestrated the appalling public humiliation of Albert Dryden. He invited TV crews, photographers and reporters to take part. In the face of such degradation there was only one conclusion for such a proud man. ###

Further comment: Some prison doctors are evil and some are saints. It is not too difficult to induce a heart attack.

We have had a letter dated 12 July from Mr Dryden whose prison number is CK 0635. Between February 1997 and September 1998 Mr Dryden submitted 250 pages of information to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. His case should have been referred back to the Court of Appeal but he did not have a snowball's chance in Hell primarily on account of the Masonic sympathies of the Commission. Had his case gone to the Court of Appeal he would have been knocked back for the same reason. How can we convince the public that we are reaching the stage when there will have to tackle crooked politicians and judges if we are to prevent civil strife?

Mr Dryden is keen to collect £20,000 to engage George Carman, Q. C. because Mr Carman "wins all his cases". We would not pay a penny to George Carman or to any other QC especially if we were appealing against a conviction for an alleged crime. In Mr Dryden's case George Carman or Michael Mansfield should be prepared to act pro bono publico. Anyway Mr Dryden would have Legal Aid. We are anxious to hear your ideas on how to set up a Trust Fund for Mr Dryden and start an organisation that will focus attention of the sacrifice Mr Dryden has made to defend democracy.


We are of the opinion that this rag should be renamed "The Orange Echo". This is another organ that, ostrich-like, does not want to listen to reason. Why should it? Masons can walk on water. What Trimble is finding out now is that he is sinking into the mud. We see in Trimble the suppurating sore on the face of Ulster society - a proud and bigoted Orangeman who still believes that the Fenian Nationalist bastards are part of an inferior species to be exploited and trampled on by the elitist Masons. We on the British mainland are light years behind the Irish Nationalists because we cannot see that we too are victims of Freemasonry, which dominates the executive and the legislature. While Gargoyle Blair and Cardinal Irvine call the shots there will be no move towards democracy in Ulster or on the UK mainland. Why should the Nationalist Sinn Fein trust the British Government when even the mainland people, irrespective of political allegiance, do not trust Blair or any of the money grabbers in his government. How can the IRA trust Blair not to adopt a shoot-to-kill policy after they have given up their arms? Why not let all the paramilitaries hold onto their weapons as is their right under the Bill of Rights. What is important is that the guns are used only for self-defence. If the Nationalists are given a fair deal Ulster will prosper like it has never prospered before and there will be no cause for violence. The cause of violence was the failure of the UK government to control the Orange/Masonic dictatorship in Ulster. If Blair does not mend his ways he will have a similar rebellion on the mainland.


Love him or hate him this man got a raw deal even if he did take cash in return for asking questions. What about the government ministers who, for the first time in their lives, are visiting money-recycling places like the Seychelles? Why do you think that aspirin has suddenly posed a serious risk to people with suicidal tendencies while thousands of slow and costly deaths from alcohol or tobacco are acceptable? Aspirin is the classic example of government ministers increasing the profits of their friends in the drug companies. If you have the money you can still buy enough aspirin to kill an elephant. How does the government promote a health programme to cut deaths from heart disease by denying the elderly and the poor one of the most effective drugs (aspirin) against heart attacks?

Mr Hamilton, appearing before the Neill Committee on Standards in Public Life stated that MPs were morally stunted, intrinsically biased and partisan and unfit to judge. His view was supported by Sir Archibald Hamilton, MP. Alan Clark, MP, said that MPs were in it only for the money. Since Neil Hamilton was victimised by a committee which had a Tory majority we have to assume that he was made a scapegoat to protect another MP - Michael Howard, perhaps? It has been stated that the evidence against Mr Hamilton was no stronger than the evidence against Mr Howard. Anyway if Tim Smith, MP, had not admitted accepting cash for questions the case against Mr Hamilton would not have arisen.

We await the coming of a second Oliver Cromwell to deal with the all-pervading corruption in politics and law enforcement. Some of the major victims of corruption have suggested that the UK courts had to bend the Law to save Lloyd's. Lloyd's were not in financial difficulties in 1961. The same sort of corruption existed in Parliament and amongst the judiciary in 1961. In the Royston Leicester case where Lord Millett was a Name in the defrauding syndicate the fraud was for the benefit of Lloyd's. Lloyd's is rotten to the core. The British sickness, be it political or judicial corruption, is a product of Freemasonry and predated the Lloyd's rackets.


David Husband will be holding a Press conference at the Portland Heights Hotel, Portland at 12 noon on Monday 19 July 1999. He is giving the charlatans of Dirty Dorset County Council an opportunity to ask and reply to questions in public. Mr Husband's councillor is "Jim Churchouse". "Churchmouse" would be a better name for him. Mr Husband has accused the following councillors of nonfeasance: Dr Geoffrey Dapper Tapper, Trevor Jones and Peter Gainsford. The following officials are accused of nonfeasance, misfeasance and malfeasance: David Jenkins, David Joannides, Dan Menaldino, Peter Harvey, Charles Kirk and Peter Thomas. Mr Husband appears to have omitted the names of the lying females who were also involved. Note the names of Harvey and Jenkins - two definite charlatans.

These people are all accused of crimes (R V Dytham - Misconduct in Public Office). Churchouse refers Mr Husband to the Local Government Ombudsman. What is the name of the Ombudsman? Jerry "Pisspot" White had a direct line to the Great Queen Street and was clearly a Mason. Almost every complaint to LGOs is about misconduct in public office and is a matter for the police. Whatever the nature of complaints to LGOs the outcome is always the same. There is never a finding of serious wrongdoing by a local authority. Let us name four LGOs who should be prosecuted: Lowe, Yardley, White, Osmotherley. These men are masters of the whitewash.

Dorchester CID are investigating Mr Husband's complaint, made on behalf of himself and the Cavendish and Gratty families, about offences committed under Section 1 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. WE take the view that the investigation is taking far too long. Even if the culprits are prosecuted they will come before Magistrate Dirty Harry Barnes or one of his mates. Harry is employed by Dorset County Council and effectively dictates to all the Masons in Dorset. Mr Husband should write to Chief Constable Stichbury who is now a cause for concern.


Letter One - dated 9 July 1999 to Acting Superintendent Freeman (Phone 01202 223808 & Fax 01202 223987) from Gerald Counter (Phone/Fax 01923 2627260. Letter edited and our comments added. Freeman is a female replacement for her male predecessor who should be prosecuted but who has probably been promoted.

### Here is more information on Masons in your force and on Masons involved corruptly with your force.

Mr Barry Hunt from Weymouth has a complaint before the Criminal Cases Review Commission. This is an exercise in futility because the Chairman of the CCRC, Sir Frederick Crawford, is a Royal Arch Degree Mason. Magistrate Kenneth (Dirty Harry) Barnes is also Royal Arch trash. He is accused of accepting demonstrably perjured evidence against Mr Hunt given by Police Constable Andrew Culley of Trinity Lodge, Portland, #8025. Culley framed Mr Hunt on a motoring offence. One of your senior officers named Pothecary was party to Mr Hunt's persecution. He too must be a Mason. I will check the book again when it is returned to me. Dirty Harry is chairman of the Magistrates Committee and a member of Vindelis Lodge #7873 Portland. He is also Grand Superintendent of the Provincial Grand Chapter. Dorset County Council also employs him where he rules the roost amongst the Masonic chickens.

Mr Hunt made a complaint to the secretary of Dorset Police Committee, Brother Peter Harvey of Amity Lodge #137.Poole. Harvey did not record the complaint. Harvey also failed to log my complaint about Deputy Chief Constable Brother May (Mother Lodge probably in Cardiff). May refused to impound my motor vehicle from a car dealer named Burke. Burke's brother, Martin, was a senior Dorset police officer and a member of Lodge #4355 Branksome.

There is no need for me to tell you that Harvey must be prosecuted along with my Counsel Hugh Tomlinson. You may find solicitor David Dolton's (another Mason) suicide note interesting. Brother Peter Harvey is now Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Dorset. He, as Chief Executive of Dorset County Council, arranged to have David Jenkins represent Dorset Constabulary against me. Jenkins was at that time council solicitor. He has been promoted to Chief Executive.

You now have two people accusing Harvey of malfeasance while holding public office. Until he is prosecuted there will be serious doubts about the integrity of Dorset Constabulary and of Chief Constable Stichbury.

Thank you for your courtesy and your attempt to clean up your force. If you want to achieve a higher rank you must join forces with the corrupt officers. Perhaps you are already one of the new breed of female Masons. Gerald Counter ###

Letter two - dated 9 July 1999 from J & B Masefield of Dorchester (Phone 01308 485412 Fax 01308 485729) to Chief Constable Jane Stichbury of Dorset Constabulary.

### We allege misconduct in public office by West Dorset District Council (WDDC) - a criminal offence under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 - covered up by the Commission for Local Government (Ombudsman).

The matter was dealt with in a Civil Court; but as it is a criminal matter we request an inquiry.


Misconduct in public office, which includes turning a blind eye, is a criminal offence; see R v Bowden 1995 Feb 13,24 Court of Appeal and R v Dytham 1979 QB 722.

The Ombudsman covered up for WDDC; knowing of the criminal offence; he aided and abetted by failing to act within his own legal framework (LGA 1974)

……………. Yours faithfully, J & B Masefield ###

The name of the Ombudsman is Jerry Pisspot White who has a direct line to the United Grand Lodge. We make the same allegations against him for the same reasons. We were dealing with bent planning officers in Chiltern District Council (Carol Castle). There are other aspects, which give cause for serious concern. The Director General of Ordnance Survey fabricated a map in both the Chiltern and West Dorset fiddles and the Land Registry aided and abetted the corruption of the two councils. In Dacorum Borough Council frauds a map was fabricated by persons unknown to swindle Charles Beresford (Phone/Fax 01442 249999). In all three swindles the Masons called the shots. The other cause for serious concern is the failure of the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute for misconduct in public office. Misconduct is held to cover misfeasance, nonfeasance and malfeasance. An Ombudsman and any other person knowing that an offence has been committed has a duty to report the offence failing which the crime of misprision of felony is also committed by the person who fails to report. Judges can be prosecuted under these headings but are never prosecuted. What is all the bullshit about "equality before the Law"? Judges above all must be brought to heel.


Part of a letter dated 12 July 1999 from Geoffrey Scriven (Phone 0161 428 0764 Fax 0161 428 1159)to Warrington County Court.


In December 1998, in the matter of Case No. A980087 Court Code 462; the presiding Crown Court Judge, HH J Hale, ordered that the bench should be constituted with Lay Magistrates, drawn from outside the area. This came about as a result of D C Smith, Clerk to the Magistrates, and P K Dodd, Stipendiary Magistrate, conspiring to defraud and pervert the course of justice, by claiming that Dodd was an independent, impartial Magistrate, not connected to Swift. They used Chester and Macclesfield Magistrates Courts to cover up Dodd's Warrington base.

This weekend, I met with another member of the public, who is yet another victim of Dodd perverting the course of justice, and who has been forced to go to the South of England to issue his proceedings; the evidence is contained in Dodd's own file.

[This part is omitted to save space]

Following the successful Crown Court hearing on 23 December 1998, everyone knows the past six years of litigation are the result of Mafia organised crime, judicial/legal crime. The continuous malicious Statutory Demand applications are wholly unlawful making it essential that these matters are dealt with quickly by a JURY IN ORDER TO RESTORE SOME CONFIDENCE IN THE LEGAL PROCESS.

Yours sincerely, GEOFFREY SCRIVEN. ###


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