VOMIT UK 18/99

Victims Of Masonic Ill-Treatment 1 May 1999

Anyone criticised or maligned in these publications has a guaranteed right of reply. JMF or P2 Lodge UK stands for the hierarchies of the Judaeo/Masonic Faction. The ordinary Mason and Jew are as likely to suffer from the machinations of the JMF as non-Masons and non-Jews are.


### In spite of having charges against him dropped by the CPS at Tower Bridge on March 26, Southwark Police are continuing to retain Alexander Baron's computer. His machine was stolen - seized in their parlance - on September 24 last year. Southwark CID also took every floppy disk they could lay their hands on. The pretext for this was that someone had distributed a pamphlet, which mentioned Baron, and it was assumed that he had written it! In reality it was an attempt by a corrupt detective - who is currently under investigation for perjury and perverting the course of justice - to prevent him from mounting a successful appeal against a spurious conviction for harassment. After Baron's solicitor contacted the police at the beginning of November to request its return Baron was advised first that he could collect it, then he was told by the so-called investigating officer "I've found something on your computer and I have to make a decision". Perhaps that should read "I have to make a decision about what to find on your computer" ###

Comment:- We would prefer to publish the name of the policeman who is under investigation since he could have other victims. This Mr Baron has had some harsh things to say about the Board of British Jewish Deputies. He has crossed swords successfully with the man behind anti-Nazi Searchlight magazine. This would suggest that he might have views that very much to the right of centre. If anything is guaranteed to enforce anti-Semitism it is unlawful actions by the police and the courts to silence the voice of protest before it has been heard. There is never justification for police frame-ups in such cases. They simply reinforce the convictions and stiffen the resolve of the protesters. They generate corruption amongst police officers in other areas unconnected with anti-Semitism or neo Nazism.

                          BERNARD GOUGH AND ROBERT OWEN

These two men are inventors who have earned phenomenal amounts of money for Britain. Mr Gough invented the Asemaster, an automated mechanical handling system for storage. Robert Owen developed the Flowen system for converting used oil to high quality low sulphur fuel oil. Mr Gough was swindled out of his royalties and Mr Owen had an identical experience. Lloyds Bank pulled the rug from under Mr Gough. Barclays Bank did the same for Mr Owen. As usual the Liquidators of their companies looked after their own and themselves. Forged documents were used in both cases. Bent judges, counsel and solicitors proliferated in the courts with Nicholas Lyell, the Lloyds swindler, protecting his Masonic friends in business. Both these persecuted inventors blame Freemasonry.

J Freeman & Co, solicitors, wrote as follows to Slater, Walker Securities concerning an action by Chapman Constructors against Mr Gough. "As Mr Gough is not prepared to settle this action there is no alternative but to keep it going; albeit with the least possible haste. He has offered to provide, at the Plaintiffs' expense, which accords with the rules, copies of 3,000 odd documents in support of his case. Although this could result in a copying fee of approximately £200, it is an element of cost which is unavoidable but probably worth-while if it can deter him from being active in other directions pending the attempts that are being made to get the Asemaster deal through"

Mr Owen reported serious crimes to Dorset Police who said that their budget of 73 million pounds per year would not stretch to prosecuting Barclays Bank whose budget was 260 million pounds. Presumably the United Grand Lodge forgot to tell Dorset about the Serious Fraud Office. On 3 March 1999 Mr Owen laid an information before the City of London Magistrates Court. In spite of obstruction from court officials, three lay magistrates issued summonses against Barclays Bank and Andrew Buxton, the recently retired Barclays Chairman, for forgery and obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception. If we were Mr Owen we would write to the new Chief Constable of Dorset and ask her to look into the fraud. The City of London community is closely knit with the police, the courts and the financial institutions all guarding each other's backs. It is polluted with Masons. See Martin Short's "Inside the Brotherhood".

We have been in touch with Chairman Buxton and Chief Executive Martin Taylor over the defrauding of the Combined Charities Trust by Barclays Bank Trust Company. The trust company disposed of a site at well below the highest bid. The site was scheduled for use as an importing and distribution centre for cocaine. All the law enforcement agencies ignored us as did Buxton and Taylor. Taylor was appointed to one of Bomber Blair's financial departments. He then quit Barclays under a cloud. Buxton too decided to go. Given that the Lord Chancellor secretly briefs the courts we would say that Barclays would have effective immunity from prosecution. We mention this only in the public interest. It is for the courts to decide innocence or guilt provided the Attorney General does not stop proceedings with a Section 42 gagging writ.

Robert Owen's phone/fax number is 01929 480518. Bernard's Gough's address is 72 Shepherds Hill, Droitwich, Worcestershire WR9 9DG.

                                     THE MURDER OF JILL DANDO

This was an infinitely sad incident. Nevertheless it seems strange that the Metropolitan Police should go to such extreme lengths to solve the murder just after they have been severely criticised over their failure to investigate Lawrence murder. In passing we would comment that we do not wholly approve of the "dignity" shown by Stephen Lawrence's parents. While they apply pressure on the police and act as if every policeman and every white person are racist they are inviting retaliation. We have no time for some officers of the Met but neither the police nor the public are predominantly racist.

Surely a reward should be offered to anyone who provides information which would expose Jill Dando's killer.

                                        BOMBS AND GUNS IN UK

During the past 14 days we have had nail bombs in Soho, Brixton and Brick Lane. There have been criminals shooting at the police in Bolton and Feltham. We have a gun used in Jill Dando's murder. These are serious crimes. While we have no wish to have policemen injured we have to say that they have only themselves to blame. It is fairly well established that few honest policemen will be promoted above the rank of sergeant if they do not become Masons. If they become Masons they can no longer be honest policemen. If they remain independent and are good policemen they present a risk to the filthy Craft. Often they have to leave the force as a result of harassment, trumped up charges or bad reports.

It has been our experience that policemen promote crime by fabricating evidence against both the innocent and the guilty. They are repeatedly used to compromise and terrorise litigants in civil actions. So much police time in wasted in promoting the interests of the Masonic hierarchy that they have no time to prevent or investigate crime. They antagonise decent and honest citizens. They have lost the co-operation and respect of the public.

Like the judges and other public servants, Chief Constables will deny that they are Masons but the pattern of behaviour indicates that they are members of what we term the P2 Lodge UK - the state within a state - including government ministers, top civil servants, senior officers of the armed forces, big business, judges, financiers, District Auditors, Valuation Officers, Ombudsmen etc.


Letter dated 26 April from Campaign for a Fair hearing to Northern Electric & Gas. (Fax 0191 210 4109)

### Dear S A Irving, Re: Account no. 1037 900 (Your ref. SAI/Kel)

CFAFH is concerned that Mr Maurice Kellett of 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne-Wear, DH5 0HT has been threatened with the disconnection of his electricity supply, not because he has failed to pay but because of an assumption that he might not be able to pay at some indeterminate point in the future. This would be entirely improper.

In a few months, CFAFH will be publishing a directory of representative cases of criminal and civil miscarriages of justice for distribution to journalists and other opinion formers. The public should be made aware of the risks they run in a country in which fundamental legal principles are ignored by people in power.

The public has always been disenchanted with the privatised utilities because of "fat cat" rewards for those who were once ordinary civil servants. To learn that families could lose their basic right to warmth, light, fuel and communications because utilities such as Northern Electric & Gas takes a reckless view of the presumption of innocence would be grist for our mill, i.e. our argument that we need government which is based on equal treatment under the law, not on privilege for the few. The more varieties of unfairness CFAFH can publicise, the greater the likelihood that compensation will have to be paid to the victims.

CFAFH hopes that, in its own self-interest and out of respect for common decency, the company will agree that Mr Kellett should not be made to suffer for something he has not done. I thank you in advance for resolving this matter as if the public were watching.

Yours sincerely, (signed) Suzon Forscey-Moore, Organiser. ###

Comment:- The following public utilities were dominated by Masons long before privatisation occurred. Water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and the postal service and are still dominated by Masons today. Someone should kick Irving between the legs. Mr Kellett, following fraud and judicial corruption, was declared bankrupt for thousands of pounds. It is the usual routine for anyone criticising Masons. The next move will be an attempt to make him homeless. The standard practice for domestic users of electricity is to take remedial action if bills are unpaid. Meters can be installed to ensure that the user does not incur debt.

`At our working address Three Valleys Water PLC introduced upwards of six leaks into our water supply then served a cut-off notice under a waste control order. North Thames Gas cut off our gas supply when the weather was cold. Having anticipated this we had made alternative arrangements. We did not owe North Thames Gas a penny. They billed us because, according to them, we had posted notices all over the place claiming ownership of the property - an absolute lie. On one occasion we had a visit from the local postmaster who threatened us with violence because we had returned a recorded delivery letter which had not been signed for and which was not addressed to us. British Telecom has caused us problems continuously. In 1961 its predecessor, P O Telephones, was monitoring all our telephone calls and fabricating our accounts ostensibly because we were fighting the Mobil Oil Company in the courts.

When Mrs Forscey-Moore refers to "people in power" she is in fact referring to Freemasonry and P2 Lodge UK.


See above. Maurice Kellett is the man who antagonised the Masons in the Labour Bad Lands of the NorthEast. His neighbour Carr and her young stud, with the help of solicitor Alison Stott and Judge Cuthbertson, had succeeded in having Mr Kellett imprisoned and in making him and his wife prisoners in their own home.

### During the summer of 1996 Carr was invariably at home. The National Insurance Contributions Agency employed Carr. That, according to Carr, made it very difficult for her to arrange court appearances. Since she seemed to be doing no work and since I was contributing to her wages I decided to find out from Peter Lilley, MP, why she was spending so little time at work. Mr Lilley passed my letter to Carr's manager who was named Tebay. Tebay informed me that he had Carr under surveillance to check her attendance record. Tebay was in fact helping Carr. He was never available in his office after 3.30 p.m. when I sought to inform him of Carr's movements. Carr and her young stud continued with their efforts to entrap me into breaching the injunction.

On 10th August 1996 I attended a selection meeting for the Labour Parliamentary candidate. Three candidates were local men. The fourth, Fraser Kemp, was a Blairite from outside the area. The Selection Committee had to approve beforehand, the questions to be put to the candidates. Councillor Blackburn the leader of a Labour Masonic cabal, which included his family members, succeeded in preventing a question about local matters. Blackburn was the man who had misconducted himself on a planning matter and who had assaulted me and prevented me leaving a council meeting. If questions had been put about local matters Fraser Kemp's chances of selection would have been negligible. However, since the election was by secret ballot, no doubt Fraser Kemp would have been selected even if he had received nul points. Kemp was obviously not going to help me. He passed me onto his assistant; an inexperienced young man named Vardy. Boy Vardy's father was a Sunderland City Councillor and was probably a Mason. I tried to make an application to the European Commission for Human Rights and was given the run-around. When I told Kemp about my European experience he again passed the buck to my MEP who said that he was unable to help because it was not in his sphere of authority. ###

Comment:- This is all typically Labour and typically ECHR. We were interested to know that Carr was employed by the government agency. It was a "dirty little whore" from the Benefits Agency who gave perjured evidence against Al Baron. It was the Manager of the DOHSS at Paddington who selected beneficiaries of Dame Shirley Porter's "Homes for Votes" initiative. (Yesterday, unsurprisingly, the Porter appeal judgement cleared her - a majority decision.)


On 28 April Mr Scriven faced bankruptcy proceedings brought by the Law Society in Stockport County Court before Judge Russell. Mr Scarth was his McKenzie Friend. The defence was that the alleged debt had been derived from fraud and corruption.

Mr Scarth requested permission to record the proceedings, stated that court transcripts were not worth the paper they were written on and quoted the practice directions of Lord Woolf on the matter. "No, no, no" the judge must have said to himself "We are going to bankrupt Scriven and have him barred from holding office in his company."

There is an ongoing criminal investigation into Mr Scriven's detailed reports about judicial corruption and associated police criminality. The Law Society was relying upon its affidavits and had appointed a local solicitor to present its case. The good judge acted confidently as he prepared to shoot Mr Scriven down in flames. The creepy solicitor left it all to the judge. They had not reckoned with the fighting spirit of a 74 year-old man and a patently honest man who had guts.

Mr Scriven pointed out that the National Criminal Intelligence Service was dealing not only with his primary complaint about corruption in the legal process but also with the failure of Greater Manchester Police to act on his complaints even after Warrington Courts had accepted the truth of Mr Scriven's allegations. Further since the deponents of the affidavits were not present in court to be cross examined there was no valid evidence against Mr Scriven. Additionally a legal firm, which had acted for Mr Scriven in cases giving rise to the claim, employed the solicitor representing the Law Society. A more humble Judge Russell changed course and came to the conclusion that the case should go to Warrington County Court. Mr Scriven welcomed the referral to Warrington, "not due to my successes in the County and Crown Courts but because I have not yet discovered a corrupt judge there".


CAMPAIGN FOR A FAIR HEARING, PO Box 54, Cambridge CB5 8BB. Fax 01223 327042. Ph 01223 327634 (Organiser - Suzon Forscey-Moore, American Law Researcher)

POW TRUST, (A registered benevolent and social welfare charity) 295a Queenstown Road, London SW8 3NP. Tel.0171 720 9767 Fax 0171 498 0477 (Gen.Secy. Peter Sainsbury).

NEW DEMOCRACY ACTION, PO Box 187, Chesterfield, Derbys.S40 2DU Ph/Fax 01246 555713 (Organiser Eric Giles)

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