James Todd, the publisher of  VOMIT fell into the trap of joining the evil empire of Freemasonry but is now exposing it through the pages of VOMIT which he publishes weekly on the Internet. VOMIT stands for Victims Of Masonic Ill Treatment. There are huge numbers of people subject of  this treatment. Many are not even aware of it.

Freemasonry  and all secret societies are an abomination to mankind. Secrecy can and does cover a multitude of  crimes against humanity. For these reasons its time for the UK government to legislate so that members of all secret societies will be required to declare any such membership of them before taking up any public office whatsoever. There is considerable evidence that this has not happened because so many of our Members of Parliament are masons. They are backed up by the judiciary and police who have huge numbers of masons within their ranks. Those who become a danger to Freemasonry  by exposing many of the criminal acts being carried out by its members, quickly find themselves subject of just about every dirty trick imaginable by these authorities. There are no holds barred when their victims refuse to submit.

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